Home Interior: Modern Style 2023

Today, any number of aesthetics can be grouped under the title of ‘contemporary’ home décor. This flexibility is one of the reasons why this interior design style has become so popular, though it is important to remember the key characteristics that truly make a home feel contemporary. Contemporary design can be defined as being simple, sophisticated and comfortable. The idea is to showcase the space rather than the items in the space.

What are the key characteristics?
This design style came about in the late 20th century and was a stark move away from the more classic, colonial design that was prevalent prior to this. Contemporary design saw a softening of harsh, heavy shapes and utilized a lot of round edges and colour. As a contrast to modern design which features severe lines and a minimalist aesthetic, contemporary design uses textiles generously and neutral colours like pastels and browns with pops of colour to add drama. You will find lots of geometry, empty spaces and highlighted structural elements in this style.

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What types of furniture to choose?
If you’ve decided to go with a contemporary décor style in your home, then let us help you make the right design choices! Look for pieces that make a bold statement but are not over the top, think about a statement sofa that features soft, straight lines and a coffee table with a smooth surface and geometric shaped legs. You can opt for more natural fibres like linen, jute and silk as these will add texture and appeal to your space. Paint your walls a neutral colour and then choose modern, avant garde pieces of brightly coloured art to bring more flair to your room.
When it comes to the flooring, here is where you can have some fun. You could choose a neutral tile, chic wooden flooring or even sleek marble. Then layer on some woven rugs with abstract prints for a more cozy touch. Choose lighting that is simple yet effective, staying away from large chandeliers and busy home designs. Think of using a mix of metal, stone and glass when it comes to lighting and other accessories to maintain that sense of lightness and spaciousness in your home.

Is this style right for you?

Contemporary design is probably the one home interior design trend that works for most people as it’s quite flexible and customizable. Unless you enjoy a more maximalist approach, then this is a design style that you can make your own. This is great for people who take a no-fuss approach to life and prefer to let their home do the talking for them. You can invest in a mix of high-shine modern pieces and more natural neutrals for a nice contrast. The best part about contemporary design is that when done well, it can be quite timeless. You don’t have to worry about your home ever feeling outdated or boring with intelligent contemporary design.

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