• 2023 New Version 2PCS Silicone Liners for Ninja Dual Air Fryer AF400UK & Tower T17088

    【Specially Designed for AF400UK & T17088】This Upgraded silicone ninja air fryer dual liners are designed for ninja AF400UK & Tower T17088. 2 silicone air fryer liners meet the needs of ninja dual zones cooking at the same time. Cooking separately, it won’t mix flavors, making for a tastier meal.
    【Food Grade Material】Made of food grade silicone, no fluorescent agent, you can use it with confidence. With good heat resistance (428℉to -40℉) , it can be used at different temperatures with confidence.
    【Bottom Raised Design】At the bottom of the silicone tray, raised silicone strips are set. They separate the food from the oil, reducing food grease. In addition, the raised bars can promote air circulation at the bottom of the food, reducing cooking time.

  • 2PCS Silicone Liners & 2PCS Racks for Ninja Dual Air Fryer AF400UK

    【Specially Designed for AF400UK】This set includes 2 silicone liners and a pair of 304 stainless steel racks. Both of them are sized to fit the Ninja AF400UK Air Fryer. Both the silicone liner and the rack fit perfectly in the AF400UK without wasting space in the air fryer.
    【A New Combination of Liner and Rack】 We have added an Rack to the silicone liner to solve the problem of obstructed air circulation. While the silicone liner keeps the fryer clean, the rack ensures that air circulation takes place properly. What’s more, both the silicone liner and rack can be used individually to suit your cooking needs. This new combination would creates more flexibility for your cooking.
    【Food Grade Material】 The silicone liner is made of food grade silicone, which is fluorescent free. The rack is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which will not rust. They are both heat resistant (428℉ to -40℉) and can be used with confidence at different temperatures.

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